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  • Catherine,
    About the only work in town is clean outs on foreclosed HUD homes. Imagine that, Professional Contractors mowing lawns for HUD! No thank you, I'll live off the garden and the cow's good will! :)
    Doug in Idaho
  • A pleasure Catherine.
  • Great post! I am trying to figure out how I can do it here in Hickory Valley. Thanks so much.
  • Hello Catherine. What a delight it is to have seen your recent post. Thank you for your kind support.
  • Hi Catherine - been enjoying your conference calls. Did you see Andrew is now on Ooooby? I wrote a blog here today, maybe your saw it. One of the most interesting things I stumbled upon, related to the half-past human conv. It was the change in the mood on twitter around swine flu. From Sunday to today, it has moved from almost total from fear and panic to humour and insight. Fun to see it so clearly.

    I trust all is well in your world.
  • Kia Ora Catherine, would you like to edit the text box on your page and put in a link to your site? We would be very happy to be part of the network of people highlighting the valuable work you are doing.
  • Hi Catherine, I said I would get back to you. After our first day at the first Ooooby Store on Waiheke, I wrote this blog post which will give you a little of the feeling for the vision for what Ooooby can become and where we see it going.

    Day 1 at the Ooooby Store
  • Well, Catherine. What an honour to have you with us. I have recently been introduced to your work and have watched a few hours of your talks online. What you are doing is so incredibly vital. I hope that the Ooooby project can grow to support your purpose and to assist in bringing about a conscious and resilient culture of food growers.
  • Catherine, what a delight to see your name and profile pop up here! Pete and I have been talking about following up on the last letter from you, and waiting for the right moment and medium. We will be working together today and will drop you a note and offer some more background and vision for what Ooooby can become and where we see it going. And it will be great to hear your vision of it.
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