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Weeds. Noxious plants like wandering dew and deadly nightshade. Agapanthas. Yuck. Any knowledge how to get rid of these sans-spray would be gratefully received.

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  • Hi Megan,
    The easiest way to get rid of wandering dew is to turn it into eggs! Set up a chickens tractor over it and they will clean it up for you by pecking away and scratching it up ......plus you get a yield of eggs for the convienience.

    Its worth noting though that Wandering Dew contains high levels of oxalic acid, which can cause liver damage. So if its a large area, rotate the chicken tractor between Wandering dew and grass to give them a rest.

    As for agapanthus and nightshade you need the right tool for the job. Sourcing the tools can be a bit difficult though.

    But I have successfully removed agapanthus using a Broadfork, which is an organic gardening tool with big heavy tines that essentially lifts and breaks up the soil from deep down. Great tool for getting out lkow growing weeds with troublesome roots, not to mention breaking up and aerating your soil.

    The best tool for removing woody weeds is a Treepopper, which is essentially a lever that grasps the weed at the base of its stem and lifts the plant out roots and all. I have pulled out nightshades well ovber 2 metres tall with mine.

  • Great photo Megan!
  • Hi Megan, Keep the Agapnthus, But theres no chance of organic weed control with wandering dew and deadly night shade!! every garden has a problem weed or two...sorry about that!! How far is newtown from town I'm going to be in wellington in a couple of weeks any chance of a look around your garden? Or perhaps you can tell me what public gardens to veiw?
  • Hey, great new photo ... what a star!
    Good luck with the agapanthas.
  • Hi Megan - what a delight to see you pop up here. We are working on developing the functionality of Ooooby online. Meanwhile ning is providing us a good starting point and seems to be serving many needs of food local growers.

    Do drop a note if you have any ideas about things we can do to improve the tools, and otherwise enjoy. :)
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