January 19



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Gardening advice, Permaculture design

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Permaculture Experience, Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Diploma, Horticulturalist, Bio-Dynamics, Lots of years in the garden

I am interested in...

Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers

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  • I would be flattered , and only wished I had been more coherent !

    A comment capability on your site would be great.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • I don't mind that at all Tim, thanks for sharing
  • Tim

    When I grow up I will be like you.

    By the way, what are you doing about aquaponics?

    I Dont know where to start.

  • Hi Fern, Most of my Pepinos are the El Camino cultivar and I'm not hugely familiar with other cultivars. They're not growing that well this year on account of the constant rain and low temperatures we seem to be experiencing in Wellington at the mo. I see incredible edible sell three cultivars (El Camino, Incredible Blush and Incredible Ruby). I trolled through the internet and found this link that talks of nine cultivars. See this link http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/pepino.html
  • hi tim, do you know of different cultivars of pepino? I've got a pepino gold growing, gee it's hardy and vigorous! It's survived being frazzled in 45degree heat, being flooded, being torn out by a wwoofer then shoved back in the ground... and it's sprung up again! :-) Now I just need to get some decent fruit from it...
  • what is pepinos??
    i like the sound of your garden
  • Hello there Tim. Great to have you with us. And great to see another permi in the midst. We need you guys more than ever these days. Have fun oooobying!!
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