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Nuts for nut trees

I am looking for nuts to grow into trees. I am specifically looking for large good eating walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans. I am willing to pay shipping/supply postage paid envelope. Thank you

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Looking for Okinawa Spinach

Hi, does anyone have any cuttings or seed for this plant...looks interesting to try as ?perennial food crop...or do you know where I can source some from...

can swap range of seeds or plants - including comfrey plants, rosemary upright, bit of horser

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Garlic wanted

I am looking for garlic cloves to plant. I know it's way to early to plant, but since they should be fresh out of the ground, I figured someone might have some spares. I am not picky as to what kind. I had to move mid season last year and lost all my

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Wanted: bamboo cutting

I'm looking for a cutting of a bamboo plant with big sized culms (e.g. Phyllostachys edulis Moso, Chinese Timber Bamboo).  Something with decent-sized culms that I can re-use in the garden.  Will pay for postage or swap if I have something of interes

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Looking for wild garlic

Hi all, have just joined this site so hope I'm posting in the right place! I wondered if anyone had any Allium Ursinum (aka ramsons, wild garlic, boars garlic) seed or bulbs I could purchase or possibly swap for? Been looking for a while, I am locate

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I am having great trouble finding  CURRY PLANT cuttings or seed

to grow, is there anyone out there who can help ?...... I would love

to hear from you....and any growing and using advice most

welcome too - I dont understand why it is so h

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Yacon for swap

Hey all, i have a tonne of Yacon, all healthy crowns and ready to be planted!

I am happy to swap, a few things i am looking for are Aroids, such as Arum species, Arisaema, Pinellia etc etc, as i am starting a collection, or any interesting bulbs etc.

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Shoo Fly seeds (herb)

Hi folks,

Does anyone know where i can get some seeds for the Shoo Fly plant? I understand it is good for keeping white butterflys at bay. Cannot find any plants in Auckland - apparently I got the last one from Kings Plant Barn last week!! (Forgot to

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