May 29


There are no suburbs in Ngaruawahia

I can offer

to be a gardening buddy, Lead a workshop, Food from my garden

Food Growing Skill Level


Experience and Qualifications

Permaculture Design Certificate

I am interested in...

Buying Local Food, Selling Local Grown Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers

Tell us about your garden and what you're growing

Artichokes, tomatoes, potatoes, paprika, spring onions, corn, various herbs and green manure, 1st yr asparagus, raspberries, various fruit trees, chickens, leeks, kale, rhubarb....

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  • hey Nandor - got any bees yet ? My TopBar is fairly buzzing at the moment - loving the weather !
  • Nandor great to see you on here - way to go bro
  • Plant Borage and you will have bees.
  • I'd love to do exactly that. We get few bees here so little pollination, so that also the yummy honey . Been reading about top bar hives, seem easy to make, now just need to figure out what the reciprocity is.

    Bananas? No, too frosty in the Waikato. Lots of other things to try tho.

    You on Waiheke? Nice.

    JaH bless
  • Hey nice to see ya cheeky grin, did you ever get some bananas growing? we just yeilded 15 jars of honey after 8 weeks so highly recommend beez in ya garden mix, shit they are devotional, ego transcended beautiful creatures, I did the PDC with joe and brian last year loved it.
    love steve
  • Hey Nandor - Nice to connect with you again. you came to one of my Yoga classes.....in Old Farm rd. Remember? Have you ever heard of Yoga Ecology? Using fire and mantra to purify the inner and outer environments.......the microcosm and the macrocosm. It's my form of positive activism nowadays (although those angels of light such as Greenpeace and Sea shephards indeed still hold my greatest respect)....Agni Hotra it has an amazing effect. I live in Hamilton East - high student and also gang area....and the energy on our property is amazing. Very calm, peaceful. Soothing and safe. If you look up Agni Hotra - it's a similar thing. A friend of mine owns a coffee plantation in Colombia, and he made it organic purely through this practise of Agni Hotra. All you need is a vessel, and a little dried cow manure. And some mantras. It has an effect 1.5kms high and .5 kms around.

    Anyway - at the yoga house we try to live sustainably and I think the way of the future is to be (not necessarily vegetarian)...living off what we find within 50kms radius.....so farmers market and vege garden it is for us! And slowly training ourselves out of the attitude of having whatever we want when we want. Hmmmm no more dahl and rice a?
  • Next weekend Nandor - 19-21 Feb, be great if you can make it. Hope all is good in your world
  • I rode my bike onto the ferry with 90 secs to spare. I too was energised by our meeting, thanks heaps for connecting. I tried to txt you back but the number you called me from didnt display in my phone. So I'm glad you made it here to Ooooby.

    On the Buying, Selling, Bartering, you'll get a note before too long, to let you know the trading tool is up and running and available to use - exciting stuff!
  • Welcome Nandor. It's an honour to have you with us. Have fun oooobying!
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