Interested in home made pizza ovens? Here is where you can talk about them.
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  • Thanks Shar and Kay...I will see what the book says when it arrives and I have looked at traditional ovens website.  Its a fantastic aus site.  Would love to make one of his ones but i'm only renting so have to be realistic about leaving it behind.

    I'm digging vege gardens so getting some gray clay along the way to use.  about a small barrow load so far.  So its a start....LOL

  • I should alson add that it is so hot that the pizza's take about 45 seconds to cook. : ).We all love it and lots of families come around all the time and their children love making their own pizza.I prepare the dough...they all roll and put toppings on.It is a very social night.

  • Our oven is a cob style and while it takes 2 hours to heat the amount of wood is minimalistic - we use manuka.We cook single pizzas,i.e one at a time.Once heated it maintains its heat really well.We push the fire to the back and sides and it will do up to 15 single pizza's.(Then if we need more we just pull the fire embers back to the middle and thow on another 2 pieces and clost the door and it very quickly comes back to heat.It has been known to still be warm the next morning.We have also cooked roasts and bread.

  • Donna, I've been reading up on this and found some info here You'll have to scroll down to almost the bottom. From everything I've read the time to heat depends on the size of the oven (the smaller the quicker it heats) The thicker the insulation the longer it holds the heat - I'm a bit confused by all the different styles but I think that the thinner insulation models are just for pizza and might heat quicker? I'm wanting to make one I can cook bread in as I bake bread almost daily so I think I'd need to make a thicker style and heat for longer?

    You could try making one with just enough room for your pizza and hope it's quick to heat due to the small size?

  • does anyone have any ideas for more efficient cob style pizza ovens.  I have ordered Kiko Denzers books but then looking online it was suggested that they are very fuel inefficient taking maybe 2 plus hours to heat up-also i'm not that organised to plan 2-3 hours in advance.  Wondering if you could combine a rocket stove or some other technology to make it heat up more efficiently. 

  • Where would you get clay from assuming that you can't just dig the stuff up in your garden? We have a clay pan about 2 spade lengths under the topsoil, but I don't think it's a very strong clay and I'm pretty sure it won't work for building a clay oven, so is there a low cost alternative? we're in south waikato so some place local would be idea.

  • Darn, wish I could come! Have a great time guys, and please post photos

  • We are holding a workshop in Southland building a cob pizza oven from scratch.  Sunday 15th April See for more information.

  • just saw this earthbuilding workshop advertised and thought it might be helpful as it includes building a pizza oven


  • put opn a blog post a pizza oven i have just finished with photos if anyone interested
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