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  • If anyone is interested in Urtica dioica, I have quite a bit of it available for free to anyone that will come and get it. I'm in the Poukawa Hawkes Bay area... 25min out of Hastings.

  • I'm in urgent need my harvestmaid dehydrator has burnt out on us and we rely heavily on dehydrated foods.I have some preserves still to do. And being a single parent on an invailds benefit my chances of? getting one are slim to none at all. If you please see one lying around thatbis unwanted un used and unloved please think of us or even one that we may be. Able enough to scrape the money together to get, we , my boys and I would be so greatful.
    In hope
    tony Lucas
  • Hi peps me again - im after any spare wire anyones got and doesnt want - the type they use in the vineyards No-8 wire I think its called.
    If anyones got any spare id very much appreciate it.
  • Hi everyone, I am on the hunt for surplus lemons, oranges, limes and elder flowers. I don't want to take that which you can use, but if you have or know of anyone who has any of these that are not being made full use of, I would LOVE any surplus. I am happy to a) make arrangements to come and pick or collect and b) to share something of what I make with this produce as a token of thanks. I am on a limited budget and cannot afford the amount of fruit it takes to make healthy, nutritious cordials and preserves for me and my son, but I am all for sharing some of what I make. Please just message me if you have any of these that I can organise to have as much of an ongoing supply as possible. I also have plenty of seed to swap if that's what you prefer, and herb plants.
  • hi all I have 2 passionfruit vines in 2 pots and would like to know how far back should i prune them
  • - Would like to swap Orchids with other amatures , looking for reds, especially fire engine red and orange. Chocolate brown colours too.

    - Also looking for Frangipani plants in rainbow , pink/white ect.

    - Also looking for small shade glass house (not glass)
  • Hi y'all, Im excited to have discovered this site it looks awesome! Trademe is getting too greedy having too do cash all the time keeps you working and working and working... oh Im tired now have to sit down ha ha. Cheers, Helena
  • hi Guys stilll in need of old paint colour not a problem. Also got a going dishwasher Im willing to swap for an old rotary hoe or hand plough seed planter thingy - you guys will know what I mean.
  • Okay guys, desperate need time. I am in need of any severe paint that any of you may have two thoroughly revamped this place after my ex-wife let it go to rack and ruin so if anyone could please help out with any paint they do not want I will be very much in their gratitude. Time is also ticking for me as Housing New Zealand want to do and inspection in about a month. I would also like anyone has any to spear some half round post to use as garden edging just to tidy the place up a bit. Any help would really be appreciated guys.
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for some artificial grass in good condition for my elderly mother. She is 90 years young and grows a small organic garden outside her pensioner flat in Waipukurau. She needs a length of about 3 metres -preferably in one piece but smaller bits would be better than nothing. She doesn't have a car but we can arrange for someone to pick it up for her. I'm happy to pay something for it. She also needs some suitable mulch.
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December Oooobymeet?

Hi all. We haven't organised an Oooobymeet for December. I seem to remember when we talked about it in October we assumed December would be too busy for most people. However if people can't wait until January we could probably organise a get-together at short notice. If anyone definitely wants to meet this month and has a date in mind, please post your response on this discussion. There will definitely be a get-together in January. Maybe we should make it earlier in the month, to compensate, if…

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SWAP-Pots for Plants

I'm running out of pots for my 100+ tomato plants, peppers, eggplants etc. If anyone has any larger sized plastic pots they want to get rid of (the sort you buy perennials and shrubs in) I'd love to take them off your hands or out of your shed or wherever they are that you don't want them to be! Happy to swap for some of the afore-mentioned plants or lemons or tangeloes. I've got heaps of punnets-don't need any more of THEM, thanks.

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To Market, to market...

I'm planning to take a table to the Napier Sunday market this weekend and sell some plants. If anyone else has any plants or produce they'd like to sell, you are welcome to join me. I'm thinking of doing this once a month. Add a comment or send me a message if you are interested.

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Support needed for Global Climate Wake Up Call in Napier

Hi everyone I learnt of the Global Wake -Up Call event happening on Monday 21 Sept and when I found out there was nothing happening locally, I registered an event for Napier ( with support from Jan-thanks) Now we need people to turn out, so please tell all your friends and relatives who you think would be interested. Sept 21, 5.15pm, Clive Square, Napier. Needs no more than 10 minutes of your time there. This event is exciting. It's the people's chance to speak out and make our voices heard by…

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