We all love vegetables & growing them - that's why we are here on Ooooby. I'm sure there must be some vegetarian's or people with vegetarian family or friends in our community, so why not join and share... Got a favourite vegetarian recipe?
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  • Hi everyone, apologies for not being active here, but seems no body else has been either.  Anyone keen to help me revive our Vegetarian - Vegan Group?  I'm Vegan now, have been for over 2 years, so my recipes that I post from now one will be just that, Vegan and compassionate to all living things things.   Arohanui, Mel.

  • Any Hawkes Bay vege people here? We've just finalised details for an exciting event aimed and Hawkes Bay Vegetarians & Vegans! 

    Veg, Vino & Vines 

    Sunday 10 November 2013, 12pm to 3pm at Moana Park, 530 Puketapu Road, Taradale 

    Come and enjoy a vegan/vegetarian picnic at picturesque Moana Park in Taradale. Enjoy live music, great wine and free vegan tasters in a scenic vineyard setting. 

    A free winemaker presentation and tasting will be held at 12.30pm. Taste your way through some of Moana Park’s wines and learn about their natural philosophies from dab hand James Wilkie, winemaker.  It’s all about creating low allergen wines by starting with exceptional fruit quality, limited additives, no animal products used, vegetarian approved, following sustainable practices, zero spray residue resulting in hand-crafted multi-award winning wines that are friendlier on both the body and the mind. 

    Bring along your own vegan/vegetarian picnic or upgrade your ticket and enjoy a tasty vegan platter from Chantel’s Wholefood Kitchen. 

    The Vegan Society of Aotearoa will be providing free vegan samples during the afternoon and there will be the opportunity to win some free vegan goodies. 

    Local artist Daniel Munro will entertain you with live music as you chill out for the afternoon in Moana's relaxed valley surrounds. We have lots of picnic tables but you are welcome to bring your picnic blanket too.

    BYO non-alcoholic beverages are welcome but no BYO alcohol please. 

    Tickets available from Eventfinder, www.eventfinder.co.nz 

    Ticket prices:     $10

                              $30 - includes a bottle of wine OR a vegan platter for 2

                               Children under 17 – gold coin donation on the day 

  • Hey Sheryl,

    Tofu is neat stuff!  You can slice it BEFORE freezing and then squeeze out moisture (as you said) THEN sprinkle with any seasoning you like and dredge in any type flour and fry.  I always squirt with soya sauce and that adds flavour   Can be used for sandwich or a substitute for meat at a meal.  Have you tried mashing/crumbling  fresh tofu with mixed herbs or powdered sage and thyme and frying in butter or oil, scrambling as you would eggs?  Tofu can be added to anything, one just has to remember it basically will only have a flavour if you add one....like you do when you add it to stirfrys, soups, and stews. 

    Uuummm, what is a, "actifry machine?"

  • I haven't but until my son leaves home I find it easier to cook glutenfree. Saves cooking too many meals.

  • Hi Sheryl, what fabulous advice.  Have you personally tried Seitan?  It is made from wheat, so no good for your son, however you might prefer its texture over soy. 

  • Although I am a vegetarian I am not that fond of tofu. What I have found is that if I freeze the tofu, thaw, squeeze and put in my actifry machine for 10 mins or so it becomes firm and has a bit of chew to it. I then use this in stirfry, stews or soups. I also use a lot of quinoa. Sometimes in a mix with rice. I make tabbouleh with quinoa as my son is glutenfree as well as vegetarian. Rice paper rolls with a mix of quinoa, fresh veges finely julienned and marinated actifry tofu go down a treat with him.

  • Hey Y'all. Im so super thrilled people liked the http://www.mydarlinglemonthyme.com/ blog. Yes Nat and Pete the photog is amazballs and she has been a huge motivatorfor me to eat more of a vegie diet.

    So, Motivation for vegetarianism?

    My main motivation, other than health, wellbeing, grow your own etc, is the fact 7 billion people on this planet all guzzling down a meat rich diet is completely unsustainable. Producing that amount of meat for that amount of people (and the appetite is only growing) inevitably leads to worsening conditions for the animals due to increasing intensification of profit-minded farming.

    Society are so far removed from the reality of mass produced meat. Therefore we gulp down factory farmed this and that.

    Recipe: Roast Kumara towers

    This is more of a meal idea rather than a strict recipe. Egg optional for vegans and other non vegan ingredients but I think that is it.

    1 large kumara per person (depending on your appetite)



    Slice the kumara thinly - 1/2 cm or so and bake in the oven till tender but still holds its shape. coat with oil pre-cooking optional.

    Slice tomatoes into thick chunks (rustic!) put into a shallow dish with a health glug of olive oil/coconut oil and what ever herbs you have, season, BAKE til oozing tomatoey juicey goodness.

    Steam some greens - spinach, silverbeat

    Keep all of the above warm in warm oven, ready to serve

    Cook Eggs - poached is best, but however you like

    then assemble the ingredients.

    Tower up the kumara disks, you can put greens and tomatoey goodness in between layers or all on top one kumara is stacked. This is when I like to add a bit of sour cream/humus. Finish with placing the egg on top.

    a bit of crusty bread if your carboloading, or as it is.... mmmmm

    Condiment: a bit of sour cream, a bit of humus, , acidopholis youghurt (as much as the 1st 2 but together) zest and juice of one lemon, season to taste, yum. great addition to vegie meal, use to put over steamed vegies or with the above dish. keeps for a few days in the fridge.

  • We are a vegan and a lactovegetarian. Currently we're on a big recipe push, looking up weekly meal plans online because we're bored with the same old dinners we always have. Here's a few of the links we're working from this week:

    Vegan Ireland

    Vegetarian.org.uk meal plan

    Pealightful meal plans

  • Hi Ann thanks very much.. il go and check it out in a while after iv done some weeding  :)

  • Hi Cyndi, http://www.ask.com/wiki/Quinoa will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about quinoa, but yes, you should be able to find it in the supermarket, probably with the other grains. The Ceres Organics Super Grain Mix (with white, red, black quinoa and amaranth) is my favourite at the moment and the one I used in the recipe for my last post (below).

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There are lots around at the moment. They grow so quickly! Curried Zucchini fritters from Revive Cafe Cookbook. 1 med onion finely diced and sautéed till clear 3 zucchini grated coarsely 1 cup chickpea flour 1tsp salt 1 tbsp sweet chili sauce 1 tbsp black sesame seeds 1 tsp mild curry powder 1/2 cup water if necessary to make wet mix. Mix altogether in bowl and let mixture sit for around 20 minutes in the fridge and then stir again. You could fry in pan but I cook in oven for about 20 minutes…

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Broad Beans

Hi For various reasons I left picking my crop of broad beans until almost too late, and after picking the smaller pods am left with the lower half of the plants covered in huge pods. I figure now might be the time to experiment with using dried broad beans. Anyone out there ever done it? I would be grateful for any recipes you can recommend.

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Kumara & Quinoa Salad

Kumara & Quinoa Salad - a salad I made up for a BBQ last night 1 & 1/2 large Kumara,s - peeled, cut into large chunks and roast with oil (a blend of Rice Bran and Sesame Oil is nice) 2 Onions, dice into chunks and add to roasting when kumara is about half cook 3 large cloves of Garlic, largely chopped & a handful of Sunflower Seeds - add to Kumara with onions 3/4 cups Quinoa - I use the red type - rinsed and cook with 1 & 1/2 cups of boiled water. Add 1/2 tsp salt if you want. Bring to the…

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Growing legumes

Hi, its seems most of the veges are not in NZ, but if you are have you ever tried growing legumes like chickpeas, lentils, soya beans? Are (organic) seeds available in NZ? What are they like to grow - just like broad beans or sweet peas, or is there a reason that no-one seems to grow them n the backyard? Cheers, Stefanie

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