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Dealing with a muddy run

The run has recently turned to mud, although its not slushy, But the chooks do seem to be having mucky feet a lot of the time,

They do have a shed with a tiled floor to run round in, which i keep filling with lawn clippings, and they are compacting t

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Breed ID?

We have four young roosters that we rescued after they were dumped at the roadside in the bush near us.

I'd like to figure out what breed they are before we get some pullets and set up multiple flocks (there are three chook runs on our property).


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Golden Wyandotte Roaster

We have the most beautiful purebred Golden Wyandotte Roaster who is going to crow any day now and so he must find a new home (preferably not in a pot due to his handsomness :-)). 

He is 16 weeks old, strong, handsome and seems to have a nice nature. 

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Sick Brown Shaver

On of our ladies is looking very lethargic and sleepy. She is eating and drinking but only a little. She also has diarrhea or a very messy bum at least. We have been getting a lot of very fragile shelled eggs for a while too which we believe are hers

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Deep litter coop plans

Sorry everyone, I think I just sent an email to the whole group, whereas what I intended was to start a discussion here.  I'm wondering where anyone knows where to get plans for a deep litter coop.  We've looked at a great one that was built by a guy

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Animal proteins too!

Chickens require a number of essential aminos that are only found in animal derived proteins, they are after all omnivores not vegetarians. If you are using commercial feeds they will include (usually synthetic) methionine which is essential for good

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What to grow for feeding poultry


I'm currently drawing up a plan for a small lifestyle block (just over 1/2 acre of open space). I have an area I want to use to grow chicken and duck feed on, so that I can reduce our bought in feed. Does anyone have suggestions for crops to grow

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Sick ducks


I have an urgent issue, I have a duck that is not eating, his poo is white without substance.

The duck looks healthy anyway, walks, dont want to be touched.

Start eating a little bit.

Looks the food touches and leave it most.

Any help?

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Tell me about ducks!

Hey everyone, 

We have sold up in town and are in the process of buying an acre. In town we had 3 chooks, and I plan to add to this 3 ducks, as I have been told they are more reliable at laying through winter. However, I don't know much about keeping

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