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crowing hen

For about a week now my dominant hen has announced the dawn with what can only be described as a crow. I dont't think she popped out for a sex change op so I looked it up on Google, thought she might be ill, but according to Google it can happen. It

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Egg Troubles

Hey Team,

I got some chooky troubles. Our chooks have gone off the lay and are not broody. Only one is laying and that one is broken in the lay box when she lays (which has been happening since before Xmas). They have the same water, grit (cooks and

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Wanted: Point of Lay chooks

We bought three 15wk chicks a couple of months ago and now two of them look like roosters. We want to get back into eggs as soon as poss so does anyone know of a source of a couple of POL hens? Auckland area. Daniel: can we have our hamburgs back!!  

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Broody Hen

Hiya, my hen has been brooding about 6 weeks now and though I tried to stop her from the beginning nothing worked. I am starting to wonder if she will ever leave the nest. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Swollen back toe thumb

I am new at keeping chickens since Sep/Oct this year and have my 1st health issue this morning...

Noticed during my morning feeding ritual that Queeny my Barnevelder hen has a badly swollen right back toe thumb. She has always been a limpy/hoppety ki

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How much should a chook cost.

Ok I have read the books, built the chook house, and run into a minor snag, the price of chooks, when i set out everyone said get the ex caged ones for $5 each, which seems kinda nice to give the chappettes a nice non caged end to their days, unfortu

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Head shaking

We just got a couple of arucauna pullets and they've been settling in nicely - but I've noticed one of them keeps shaking her head sideways as though she had something in her ear. Any suggestions what might cause this? (hope it's not serious, we like

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Newbie needing a little help

I've had my chooks for a week and half - 2 silkie pullets, a pekin hen & a 3 month old frizzle. The pekin has had a sore foot & limping from the day we got her. The owner said she wasn't limping & was fine before we collected her & I trust her. She i

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Help with sulking chooks

I had suspected our 3 bantams were spoilt before our holiday, but now it's confirmed. Before our break we were getting 21 eggs per week,but whilst we were away productivity dropped to 4 in 10 days! Since our return a week ago we've had nowt and they

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